Stolen Gun Data

This set raw of data contains information from Bloomington Police Department regarding guns reported stolen.

Key code for Race:

A- Asian/Pacific Island, Non-Hispanic B- African American, Non-Hispanic I- Indian/Alaskan Native, Non-Hispanic K- African American, Hispanic L- Caucasian, Hispanic N- Indian/Alaskan Native, Hispanic P- Asian/Pacific Island, Hispanic U- Unknown W- Caucasian, Non-Hispanic Key Code for Reading Districts:

Example: LB519

‘L’ for Law call or incident
‘B’ stands for Bloomington
5 is the district or beat where incident occurred
All numbers following represents a grid sector.

Disclaimer: The Bloomington Police Department takes great effort in making stolen gun data as accurate as possible, but there is no avoiding the introduction of errors in this process, which relies on data that cannot always be verified. Information contained in this dataset may change over a period of time. The Bloomington Police Department is not responsible for any error or omission from this data, or for the use or interpretation of the results of any research conducted.

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