City of Bloomington
Map Gallery

Collections of static maps published by the City of Bloomington.

Bloomington City & Street Map Gallery
   Contains general Bloomington and  city street maps including maps of the downtown area.
City Council Map Gallery
   Contains City Council District maps and maps from Council Commissions and Task Forces.
Parking Map Gallery
   Contains residential neighborhood permit parking, downtown parking, and other parking services related maps.
Neighborhood Map Gallery
   Contains overall and individual city neighborhood maps.
Planning Map Gallery
   Contains Planning related maps including Zoning and Land Use maps.
Parks & Recreation Map Gallery
   Contains maps related to the City's Parks & Recreation Facilities.
Historic Preservation Map Gallery
  Contains maps of locally designated historic districts as well other historically designated sites.
Transportation Map Gallery
   Contains general transportation and transportation planning related maps.
Economic Development Map Gallery
   Contains Economic Development related maps.
Annexation Map Gallery
   Contains maps of past, proposed, and current annexation related maps.
Other Miscellaneous Maps
    Currently Contains:
  • Bloomington Digital Underground maps
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle maps
  • Food and Play maps
  • Voting Precinct Maps