Bloomington Climate Action Dashboard

The Bloomington Climate Action Plan, adopted in April 2021, is a roadmap for reducing emissions and preparing for the impacts of climate change. 
This dashboard serves as a place for the Bloomington community to track progress towards the goals of the plan and to become part of the solution to reduce our community's environmental impact. 

For more information on all of the City of Bloomington's sustainability efforts visit:
Bloomington Transit bus at central station downtown

Transportation and Land Use

Goals: Decrease vehicle use to reduce the total amount of energy consumption used for transportation; convert vehicles towards low-carbon renewable fuels.

Energy  and the Built Environment

Goals: Decrease electricity, natural gas, and heating fuel combustion by increasing energy efficiency measures; increase renewable energy sources and procurement.
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New houses with solar arrays on roofs
I love compost sign.

Waste Management

Goals: Reduce landfill waste.

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Water and Wastewater

Goals: Reduce consumption of water; maintain drinking water quality.

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Tile carp in fountain mosaic
Woman watering plants in community garden

Local Food and Agriculture

Goals: Reduce food insecurity; increase resilience to climate impacts; increase local purchasing.

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Health and Safety

Goal: Reduce impacts of climate change to vulnerable populations.
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Bloomington - Black Lives Matter mural
Bryan Park meandering pathway

Greenspace and Ecosystem Health

Goal: Increase and preserve greenspace and climate adaptive habitats across the community.

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The Climate Economy

Goal: Develop new businesses and job creation opportunities through climate mitigation and adaptation investments.

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Person working at Bloomington Community Bike Project